Complimentary Tax Report

Uncover Hidden Tax Saving Opportunities in Minutes!

See all of your crucial tax return information in a simplified and streamlined document. 

Common Questions We can Help you Answer with Our Tax Report:

  • Am I overpaying for taxes by not having a long-term tax strategy?
  • Are there additional opportunities or strategies I can use to reduce my tax bill?
  • How close am I to the next Medicare Part B/D threshold?
  • Do I have a carryforward loss from 2022?
  • What was my average tax rate?
  • How are each of my income sources being taxed?
  • Could I benefit from a Financial Advisor helping me create a long-term tax strategy?

Here are a few features of our popular Tax Report:

  • One page summarizes your complete tax return
  • Spotlight overlooked short-term strategies that could unlock significant long-term savings
  • Understand where you stand in proximity to crucial thresholds such as Medicare Part B/D, Net Investment Income Tax, Roth IRA Contributions, and Child Tax Credits
  • Discover the untapped potential for tax-saving opportunities tailored just for you
Tax Report-Waterworth Wealth Advisors